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VIP Property Surveillance and Management LLC

Guarding Your Home, Boat and RV Even When You're Not Home!

At VIP Property Surveillance and Management LLC, we take pride in delivering dependable property surveillance and expert care services in Pinellas County and surrounding areas. Our core values drive our commitment to securing your assets and ensuring your peace of mind. With various tailored services, we're dedicated to safeguarding and enhancing the value of your properties.

     ★ Dependability: We are your trusted partner, offering consistent and reliable property care solutions.

     ★ Expertise and Exceptional Service: Our experienced team brings a wealth of knowledge to every 
         project, ensuring exceptional service.

     ★ Customer-Centric: Your satisfaction is paramount. We emphasize open communication and tailor our
         customization to your needs.


     ★ Home Watch and Surveillance: Providing vigilant property monitoring for homeowners, boats, and               RVs, ensuring security and peace of mind, even for absentee owners.

     ★ Seasonal Home Watch: Safeguarding properties through meticulous pre- and post-storm checks,                   offering convenience and assurance for absentee property owners.

     ★ Property Maintenance: Comprehensive property care, from inspections to repairs and upkeep,ensuring
         optimal condition year-round.

     ★ Door Lock and Security System Installation: Expert installation of security systems, including assessments,               design, remote monitoring, and smart lock integration.

     ★ Relocation Assistance: Seamless relocation support, from packing to coordination with moving companies,
         simplifying the process for individuals and families.

     ★ Short-Term Rental Management: Streamlined operations and maximized returns for short-term rentals,
         including listing, guest management, and cleaning services.

The Founder

Real Expertise, Real Results

Pierre Marciszewski is the driving force behind VIP Property Surveillance and Management LLC. As a retired sergeant and skilled entrepreneur in property construction and renovation, his expertise spans both law enforcement and practical property care. 

Pierre's extensive background in law enforcement has cultivated a practical understanding of security, risk management, and effective communication – crucial elements in safeguarding properties. His hands-on experience in property construction further fuels his commitment to delivering dependable solutions that enhance property value and security across Pinellas County, Florida.

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